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Commercial Services

Getting locked in or locked out can happen at work too and that too quite frequently. Over the years, we have had increasing incidences where our customers have called in on either getting locked out / locked in, on locks getting jammed and refusing to open, on keys breaking inside the locking system and more. In most scenarios, these incidences happen during active work periods thereby hampering work efficacy and deliverables. We completely understand the need for commercial security measures and how crucial these are to a business. Just keep in mind, Lake Shore Locksmith, the city’s favorite locksmith services company whom you can access 24/7 on 1-800-UNLOCKS. Our range of commercial locksmith services include –

Ø  General commercial security systems installations, including high security locks and cylinders

     Ø  Installation of Alarm systems

     Ø  Intercom installations (Audio & Audio-Video types)

Ø  Digital security systems installations, such as closed circuit television and auto locking of doors and panels.

Ø  Keyless access and Bio-metric accesses.

Ø  Maintenance of present locking systems for nominal charges and providing security advice at no additional cost.

Ø  Repair and refurbishing of faulty and malfunctioning security systems so that your business does not have to face a security compromise.